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A Doggone Wonderful Girl

Graduation Story


StoryBox & Graduate Photo Shoot

A group photo shoot was conducted with the 7 graduates on the school campus, including fun and quirky poses. The final project was delivered in a bright, cheerfully decorated StoryBox, containing her movie, a photo collage, an original “Fun Kid Question & Answer Discovery Booklet,” a Favorite Things Collection, laminated photo art (bookmarks, wallet charms, cards), love letters from her Mom and dad, a copy of her speech and fun dog-related mementos.


Feature Movie: 11 minutes

Movie Trailer (to share with friends and family online): 3 minutes

Artful Movie Case & Cover

StoryBox (containing the following items)
Shadow Box Photo Collage
Favorite Things Collection
(in vellum envelope)
Fun Kid Q&A Booklet
Photo Art (bookmarks, wallet charms, cards)
Love Letters from Mom & Dad
Copy of Chloe’s Graduation Speech
Dog figures, bracelets and paw stamps

(Movies filmed in HD and delivered on Blu-ray and DVD)

Video, Photography, Graphic Design & Animation:
movingStories LLC

Storyline, Scripting & Editing:
movingStories LLC

Written and recorded by George Shepherd (Copyright © 2012)

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