If a picture is worth a thousand words then what is a moving story worth?

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Internet Marketing Movies for businesses and professionals ranging from Lawyers to Landscapers. Share knowledge, add value, showcase your work. >>Learn More

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To appreciate one life is to appreciate the world

-- movingStories LLC

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Filming is done in High Definition (HD) and your movies play on the Internet or Blu-ray disc with eye-popping clarity and color. Standard Definition (SD) format is also available for those who don't yet have Blu-ray players.















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"Always Sabrina" Movie

Living Video Portrait: 13-Years-Old

Sabrina's entire movie experience was a celebration of her life to date, building confidence, a sense of accomplishment and encouraging her to think in a forward direction. >> Learn More

Always Sabrina

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"Master of Sushi" Movie

Okamura-San: Life from the Heart

Promoting gifted Executive Chef and popular Sushi Damo restaurant in Rockville, Maryland. >> Learn More

Master of Sushi Movie

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"When First Love is Forever" Movie

Pre-Wedding Story

This Living Video Portrait tells the story of a young couple about to be married, celebrating their love and new life together. >> Learn More

Pre-Wedding Story

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"World of Our Mothers" Movie

Part oral history . . . part documentary . . .

World of Our Mothers



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